I've had websapce for a while now. I figure i might as well make use of it, instead of letting it rot like it has for the past year. I paint, i write, i photograph, i blather on about my life. The links below will give you some idea of my life, talent, and ability (or lack there of).

arts... painting, photoshop, deviantart

writings... poetry, a really bad short story

ego... wanky bio, livejournal

How is this space possible? I mean, why the hell would you pay for space you use in no obvious fashion? Well, that's because some poor misguided fool has done the unthinkable and given me space for free! Many thanks to Marrissa and Andrew (of ninthworld.net) for putting up with my lack of content.

And if you're wondering, this jolly fellow to the left is none other than Adam Strange. Adam Strange is a somewhat forgotten DC Comics character that totally kicks ass and takes names. He's currently getting wailed on in the Rann-Thanagar War. He better not die, or else angry letters shall be sent.